Here are a few fun facts about me:

-I am 21 years old

-My top priority is my relationship with God 

-I study Art and Design at Cal Poly SLO

-I love to adventure and hike and travel

-Van life has always really appealed to me, and it's low-key the goal

-I have a green Mini Cooper I named Mylo, and it's probably off-roaded more than any other Mini 

-Hawaii and Lake Tahoe are my favorite places on Earth

-I started taking portraits in late 2016

-I am very right-brain dominant. Writing and playing music, writing poetry, drawing, painting, journaling, etc are all part of my daily routines

Hey, I'm Amanda!


What is my approach to photography?

               This is a bold statement, but growing up in this industry today, I feel that there is too much ingenuity. As a photographer, it is my job to tell your story just as it is, as carefree as possible. I will make sure to curate your gallery in a way that is easygoing and true to life. I like to approach my photography as if it were a movie, where each moment in frame is immediately followed by another-this means a lot of movement! My promise to you is that I will have the camera capture who you are in a natural flow. 


              I want to work alongside you to put forth artwork that's as real as we can get it. I love the look of windswept hair, the slight blur of friends twirling around together enjoying each other's company, sand sprinkled on the model's shoulders on the beach, photos adorned with an earthy color palette and a touch of grain. My artistic vision aims to challenge the stereotype that the only moments worth sharing and remembering are those that are "picture-perfect." With that being said, my name's Amanda Ruth, I am an adventurer, artist, and storyteller at heart, and I'd love to capture your little moments. Let's create some art!