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Amanda Ruth


My name is Amanda Speakman, and I am a twenty-two year old portrait photographer from the small but charming town of Folsom, California. When it comes to my photography, my sole goal is to tell your story as it appears to me through my camera lens, as wild and carefree as possible. So, my promise to you is that I will have the camera capture who you are in a natural, fun, and relaxed flow. I want to work alongside you to put forth artwork that emphasizes you and your adventure; I love the look of windswept hair, the slight blur of friends twirling around together enjoying each other's company, sand sprinkled on shoulders at the beach, photos adorned with an earthy color palette and a touch of grain. My artistic vision aims to challenge the stereotype that the only moments worth sharing and remembering are those that are "picture-perfect," my goal is to record the moments that are real.


The best way to contact me is via Instagram direct message: 


If this is not an option for you, reach out to me at


As of 2023, I have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in art and design with a concentration in photography at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; with that being said, you can trust that I understand the craft! I have been working with clients in portrait and wedding photography since I was fifteen years old, about seven years ago. I have also created galleries for institutions and small businesses, a couple of my most notable achievements in this realm include Bayside Church and Out of the Blue Swimwear. I am truly an adventurer, artist, people-person, and a storyteller at heart, and I'd love to capture your memorable moments.


I grew up in Folsom, California, where I learned to enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors. My summer days were, and still are, filled with days at the lake spent paddleboarding and boating; in the winter, I enjoyed snowy day trips to Tahoe. Somewhere in between the two, I spent afternoons with chilled apple cider and donuts, and trail walks to see the poppies in a new bloom. The bottom line is, a lot of my memories stem from enjoying and connecting to nature. I also had a passion for the arts, as journaling, drawing, painting, dancing, and songwriting were amongst a handful of my many hobbies that I pursued so curiously. When I was around fifteen I decided photography was basically the only art medium I had yet to try, and from there, I fell in love. My favorite part of this career I am so blessed to now have is that I get to combine both of these most treasured components from my childhood– art and adventure.

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